Turkey waiting for You!

Dear colleagues,

In addition to my reconfirming the championships in Izmir yesterday I want to add some thoughts on previous remarks.
I understand the safety concerns mentioned. Indeed, there have been problems in Turkey. But the Turkish government is in control of the situation.
Nowhere in the world can the risk of an attack be completely excluded. The tragic events last week in several German cities and before that in
Belgium and France and even in China (Square of Heavenly Peace in Beijing) once again have proven this.
Please note that:
– from all over Europe, holiday companies continue to bring families to Turkey to celebrate their holidays;
– Turkish government confirmed that all international events in Turkey are going ahead as planned;
– EDC requested TDF to organise the EC and consequently, TDF has begun organisation, including obligations towards hotel and municipality.
Yesterday, FMJD honorary president Wouter van Beek wrote that he would rather come to Izmir than to Paris. I do not want to use his statement for more than the kind expression of support that it is, but his remark does help to put the security situation in perspective. Also in France, Belgium, Germany and China, sports events and school trips continue as planned. In May, we already organised the World Championships Rapid in Atlantis resort in Seferihisar. Among the participants was World Champion Alexander Shvartsman who in June came back with his family to celebrate a holiday in Atlantis.
Specific to the safety situation of the championships in Seferihisar, Izmir, it is important to note:
– problems that occurred in Turkey have been limited to the big cities of Istanbul and Ankara and to the border region of Turkey with Syria, 1500 kilometers away from Izmir;
– airport attacks in Belgium and Istanbul were before the passport control area and persons travelling to Izmir via Istanbul airport will remain after passport control
– at Izmir airport, the delegations will be brought straight to Atlantis resort in the quiet coastal village of Seferihisar, 50 kilometers from Izmir;
– Atlantis resort is a small and wonderful village in itself, about 2 kilometers from the quiet village of Seferihisar: there is no need or necessity to leave the resort but of course it is possible;
– after the event, the delegations will be brought straight to Izmir airport for their home journey
With all this information, it remains important for delegations travelling to Turkey and to other countries in or outside of Europe to be aware of the situation around them. Please observe the travel advice of your ministry for foreign affairs and the travel offers to Turkey from holiday companies in your country in order to make a final assessment for your travel plan to Turkey.
I look forward to welcome many draughts friends in the wonderful Atlantis resort in Seferihisar!
Best regards,
Ali Kadir Benzer
Turkish Draughts Federation